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Gipsy Live - Conjunto Choro of Naples

Saturday 12 June at 5.30 pm Gipsy Fashion Wear shop will host Conjunto Choro for the second round of the Gipsy Live review, which saw an incandescent opening last weekend with the French group Tuspareik.. 

Link of the event

Conjunto Choro by Napolthe is a collective of virtuoso musicians of the Brazilian instrumental genre from which Samba and Bossanova derive. He performs from time to time in different ensembles, from duo to octet, until he joins the Roda di Choro, a real jam session of the genre in which anyone who is passionate can participate.

The trio training for Gipsy Live:

Davide d’Alò, clarinetist, actor and composer with I Posteggiatori Tristi with whom he won the 2011 Carosone Award and had the opportunity to collaborate, among others, with Vinicio Capossela.

Roberto Dogustan, Genoese guitarist and composer, Brazilian music scholar, virtuoso of the seven-string guitar, a traditional instrument of the Choro.

Amedeo Della Rocca, percussionist, founder of the Balkan group O Rom. Deep connoisseur of Latin music, especially Brazilian music playing with Salvador Irmao, Bossa De Novo, Nada Mas, Maracatudo, A Casa De Nana.

Here is a little taste for you

The termchoro it refers to a genre of instrumental music that had its origins in Rio de Janeiro in the second half of the 19th century and which still continues to innovate.

Since its inception it haschoro it is linked to moments of conviviality and aggregation, characterizing itself as accompanying music for dance parties (bailes) public and private. The choro musicians (chorões) they used to meet just for the sake of playing together and experimenting with new possibilities of this evolving musical form, creating what we know today asrodas.

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