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Gipsy Live:Samba Duo

Saturday 26 June Gipsy Live. For the fourth appointment of the musical review Gipsy Fashion Store will host"Samba Duo", the group composed by Nello Arzanese and Toni Marascia.

In a mix of guitar and voice (Nello Arzanese) and percussion (Toni Marascia), the duo will explore Brazilian popular music and the quintessential rhythm of Rio's urban tradition:Samba.

The Samba has its origin in Salvador de Bahia, the port where the slaves kidnapped in West Africa were landed. The musical traditions of various African ethnic groups contributed to its formation, especially Yoruba and Nagò; in the original samba (baiano) we find mixed the rhythms of the liturgies of various divinities belonging to the religions of various African peoples:jongo, catereté, batuque, baião and others. The origin of samba is linked to the formation of candomblé, the Afro-Brazilian syncretic religion that was formed in Bahia from the meeting of the various ethnic groups who, subjected to forced Christianization, were forced to hide their beliefs in the symbols of Catholicism.

The musical genre then developed over the course of a century among the lower strata of the population of Rio de Janeiro, between working class neighborhoods, suburbs, favelas and on the fringes of the Samba Schools, in a cauldron of cultures, roots, experiences, traditions and cults. different, which only in Brazil and Rio de Janeiro have reached such a profound and varied musical synthesis.

A parallel between Rio de Janeiro and Naples, this Saturday “Samba Duo” will bring joy, colors and rhythms from the Rio de Janeiro world to the historic center.

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