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The origins

The history of the gypsy people is surrounded by many legends and theories that tell their stories from North Africa and the Middle East, up to India.. 

According to many writers, some tribes in 755 BC. they arrived in Spain, following Abderrahman, the first king of Cordoba, from Yemen and the Caliphate of Egypt. After the fall of the thrones of Seville and Cordoba, the defeated Mohammedans were almost all egipcios, which is why this name was given to all those errant groups.ti.

Other scholars affirm that it is the lineage of the Jews who then headed to Europe via Egypt; like the historian Joannis Aventino, the first to give news on the gypsies, confirming their passage also in Turkey and Hungary starting from the Middle East and North Africa..

Much more accredited are the theories on Indian origins. Bataillard, the first anthropologist who dealt with the study of the gypsies, says that thanks to them iron reached Europe and that they are descended from the Aryans.

The place of origin would be the banks of the Sind River, between Pakistan and the Rajasthan region of India. The French missionary Dubois states that on the banks of the Sind River lived a caste dedicated to the art of predicting the future and that, due to numerous wars in Asia, it moved in 1440 to a new land that could welcome them.. 

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