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W23D37 - Praga Baba Design medium length dress

W23D37 - Praga Baba Design medium length dress

This mid-length dress is an explosion of style and elegance! Its fitted cut and the asymmetrical combination of plain and printed fabrics give the dress a modern originality. The molds have a floral pattern and there is a fun front pocket.

Prague, capital of the Czech Republic, has the charm of a storybook. Here are some curiosities:
  • in 1945 it was bombed by mistake by Allied troops, who wanted to hit Dresden, more than 140 km away.
  • it can be considered an open-air museum dedicated to the works of the Czech artist David Černý:his irreverent sculptures are numerous and scattered throughout the city. To see them, you just need to pay a little attention.
  • it is the first in the world for beer consumption, given that a half-litre mug costs less than €1.
  • It is said that its future is in the hands of children. In fact, the legend of Saint Wenceslas says that he had a sword at hand, ready to be used to defend the country in the event of attacks or invasions. Some children who used to play in those parts took possession of it and it has never been found since. This is why it is said that they hold the future of the entire Czech Republic in their hands.

Fabric composition:60%RAYON 35%ACRYLIC 5%ELASTANE

Available in sizes S/M or M/L and in shades of wine and blue.

Designed and produced by Baba Design.

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