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W23HBP03 - Copenhagen Happy Baba solid color trousers

W23HBP03 - Copenhagen Happy Baba solid color trousers

Thanks to the flared cut, these trousers from the soft happy baba line ensure comfort and style, aimed at women who want a modern and relaxed look. made in solid color with elastic waistband, it is soft and extremely warm, easily combinable with any outfit.

Buy it combined with the coordinated shirt as in the photo.

Copenhagen, the capital of denmark, is a city in constant movement. here are some curiosities:
  • the port, with the characteristic pastel-colored Nordic houses overlooking the waterway, represents one of Copenhagen's major attractions, as well as one of the most photographed places. And to think that, until the 1960s, it was one of the most infamous neighborhoods in the city!
  • In the heart of copenhagen lies the free city of christiania, an autonomous district subject to internal legislation. occupied in 1971 by a group of hippies, since then the neighborhood has been the scene of various protests and clashes with local authorities, until an agreement was reached in 2007: christiania would remain free, provided the land was purchased occupied for a value of approximately 10 million euros. since then, christiania has enjoyed (few) its own rules, such as the ban on taking photographs or using cars. for the rest, just enter, leave the noise of the city behind and be surrounded by nature and graffiti.
  • In 1843 the tivoli gardens were inaugurated and, since then, have never stopped entertaining adults and children with their rides and themed events. tivoli holds another record: the roller coaster built in 1914 is the oldest in the world made of wood and still functioning.

Fabric composition: 95% ACRYLIC 5% ELASTANE.

One size , available in four color variations.

Designed and produced by baba design.

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