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W23T10 - Amsterdam Baba Design Sweater

W23T10 - Amsterdam Baba Design Sweater

Discover a trendy look with the amsterdam shirt from baba design. this trendy yet very simple shirt features a v-neck and a front pocket. the combination of three colors gives life to a simple but impactful look.

Buy it in combination with palazzo trousers as in the photo.

Amsterdam, capital of holland, is among the most visited in europe. here are some curiosities:
  • The "crooked" houses: built along the canals are like this because the inclination of the buildings in amsterdam depends on the foundations of stilts which give way over the decades. in fact, every 40 years all houses are subject to renovation.
  • The "narrow" houses located in the center of amsterdam are built like this because of a house tax. in the past, in fact, in the netherlands buildings were taxed in relation to and in proportion to the width of the facade: the wider it was, the more the tax to be paid increased. the narrowest house in amsterdam, located on the singel canal at number 7 is only 101 centimeters wide.i.
  • Around 2,500 houseboats, the typical dutch houseboats, are moored along the canals of amsterdam. despite what you might imagine, these are not simple boats but real homes equipped with every comfort, from electricity to the exhaust system and moored along the internal canals of the city, where many inhabitants live regularly. averaging 25 meters long, amsterdam houseboats are usually made of wood and steel.

Fabric composition: 95% ACRYLIC 5% ELASTANE

Available in sizes s/m or m/l and in two color variations.

Designed and produced by baba design.

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