Let's customize your hat!

The hat is undoubtedly an accessory that changes the entire outfit, it is what gives the main imprint to your style.

For years we have been making and decorating hats, in order to make them unique and unrepeatable: therefore we often use recycled or recovered materials during travels and life experiences. We work on every hat model: top hats, bowler hats, fedoras, etc., all strictly made in Italy.

The materials used to bring these unique pieces to life are numerous: leather, brass pendants, semi-precious stones, ribbons, lace, trimmings, feathers, playing cards, studs, buttons, chains, and much more!

With us, you can have fun designing your personalized hat: contribute to the creation with your personal ideas or with decorative elements that have an emotional/symbolic value for you. The result will be a one-of-a-kind object in the world, representing your personality in a specific and non-replicable way.

Contact us via email at saragipsy.sonica@gmail.com or via WhatsApp +393486823005 to tell us about your project and get a quote.

Below are some of the elements you can select for your personalized hat.

Textured leather

Eyeball cufflinks

Rose quartz drop in brass setting

Waxed threads for stitching

Rainbow studs

Black and gold feathers

Rainbow feathers

Geometric pattern ribbon

Playing cards