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W23SK09 - Edinburgh Baba Design long skirt

W23SK09 - Edinburgh Baba Design long skirt

The Edinburgh Baba Design long skirt is made with fine viscose. The elastic waistband gives the skirt an excellent fit and the refined mandala print will add a note of exclusivity to your outfit.

Buy it in combination with coordinated shirt as in the photo.

Edinburgh, Scotland's capital, is full of charm and history. Here are some curiosities:
  • once free criminals and prisoners themselves spat on the ground as a sign of contempt where the Tolbooth prison once existed, demolished in 1817. Today what remains is a heart-shaped mosaic where spitting is a tradition, especially among football fans . It seems to bring good luck.
  • walking through the streets of the city, you will notice that the beautiful benches in the gardens and public parks are often dedicated to a deceased loved one, public figures, groups or a particular event. An example is the famous John Lennon bench that you will find in Princes Street park.
  • It is traditional for Edinburgh Castle to announce 1pm with a cannon. In the past it was used to indicate the time to sailors and to those who wanted to synchronize their watches.

Fabric composition: 95% VISCOSE 5% ELASTANE

Available in sizes S/M or M/L and in black or blue.

Designed and produced by Baba Design.

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