Notte bianca per Port'Alba

White night for port'alba

Friday 17 November 2023 the bookstores of Port'Alba and all commercial activities will be open until 11pm, while many writers and artists will chat with visitors and sign copies of books.
Among the expected guests, Maurizio De Giovanni, author of Inspector Ricciardi and The Bastards of Pizzofalcone, and Valeria Parrella, author of White Space and Antigone.

Gipsy Fashion Wear will also support the initiative aimed at the recovery and maintenance of Port'Alba with performances by its most beloved artists:

- The Hot Sunny Swing and their irresistible swing that animates and cheers up the historic center of Naples

- Lele' Paracetaclown, the most irreverent clown around.

The initiative is promoted by historic booksellers, with the aim of relaunching the street of Port'Alba which today undoubtedly remains one of the most evocative places in Naples: with its shelves of books, antique collections, the tradition of the masters booksellers, its artisan luthiers, the historic pizzerias and cafés, up to the recent street art that is expressed on its walls and shutters.

The mobilization to defend this rich cultural heritage has already received the consensus of many intellectuals and citizens, not only Neapolitans, giving life to a petition launched on to save and protect the book street of Naples.
Over the years, we read in the text of the petition, cries of alarm have been raised several times regarding the state of conservation of the Port'Alba Arch, but these concerns have never been listened to.e.

The Arch and the road of Port'Alba are historical and culturally significant places that deserve our respect and care. Furthermore, the progressive degradation of the arch's ancient walls is a threat not only to the integrity of the city's cultural heritage, but also to public safety. It is now urgent for local authorities to seriously consider these issues and stop the degradation of these historical and cultural treasures, also preserving them for future generations.

At 10pm there will be a performance by the actors of the TRAM Port'Alba Theatre.


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