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Gipsy Live:Tomo Tomo

Saturday 19 June at 5.30 pm Gipsy Fashion Wear shop will host Tomo Tomo for the third appointment of the Gipsy Live review.e.

The group born in 2018 from the collaboration of Morena Chiara and Antonio Aniciello: a guitar and voice duo that traces the history of Brazilian classical authors, evolving in the experimentation and mixing of carioche sounds with Neapolitan popular culture. 

The reggae, jazz and funky influences are added and mixed with each other with dissonant flavors, without giving up the reins of the carioca genre par excellence, the Bossa Nova.

The name of the project is a funny reference to the ancient Neapolitan saying Tomo Tomo, heck hunk and is also a nice anagram of the two components, precisely Momo and Toto.Toto”.

The Italian-Brazilian musical group will perform at Gipsy Fashion Wear in a show of games between melody and harmony, mixing sounds, sensations and emotions, in a path that from saudade leads directly to”.

Saturday, via San Sebastiano, the historic street of musicians, will be colored with elegant bossa nova and the energy of funk!

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Collaborate on the eventAnimaBulimica Art, with the exhibition of an installation that represents the culmination of street poster art created during the months of lockdown: "The mask of Pulcinella as a form of denunciation and collective inspiration for reflection on the themes of caged humanity".

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