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Flamenco, history and culture of the gypsy world

The Flamenco it is the music of the nomadic people of the gypsies who during their migrations crossed the whole Middle East and the Mediterranean; it is the art form of the wandering people through the centuries that after a long pilgrimage found a place in Spain, where they became settled mixing with other groups of Arab culture.

Precisely Andalusia, a region with a centuries-old cultural and scientific tradition marked by multi-ethnicity, is the place where the gypsy tradition has found the most suitable conditions for its integration.

The term flamenco (which in Spanish means flamingo) derives from the union of the Arabic words “felag” (peasant) and “mengu” (wandering - fugitive) and in the 18th century it had its linguistic connotation as a synonym for gypsy. We have proof of this by examining the"Cartas Marruecas di Cadalso"of 1774, one of the first historical documents on this subject, where this music is explicitly attributed to the gypsies.

This is why defining flamenco only a dance or a musical genre is perhaps restrictive. It is both, but the meaning is even higher:it is a form of theatrical representation of life, it is the gypsy way of telling one's experiences.

Flamenco is the history and culture of the gypsy world.

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