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Gipsy Punk

Thegipsy punk is a hybrid genre that crosses traditional gypsy music with punk rock. C.antando in different languages, the gipsy punk bands combine the rhythms and instruments of rock, with instruments typical of Eastern European cultures such as drums, tambourine, accordion, violin, trumpet and saxophone.

One of the first rock bands to incorporate elements of punk and gypsy music were theMotherhead Bug, mainly active in the early 90s. The main exponents of the genus are theGogol Bordello, who first started using the termgypsy punk in reference to their musical style by titling their fifth album: Gipsy Punk: Underdog World Strike. With their upbeat rhythm and shouted singing combined with common gypsy characteristics they transmit a bizarre cabaret atmosphere to the stage, with frenetic and theatrical performances.i.

Aesthetics and scenography in concerts are also a fundamental part forNo Smoking Orchestra, the group of Emir Kusturica, a famous director who has managed to bring the traditions of the gypsy people to the world.Dissociated from any dogma of the show, Emir Kusturica and The No Smoking Orchestra are a significant phenomenon of the anti-globalist movement: dance music with compelling content that cannot be resisted. The communication of the No Smoking Orchestra with the world is based on music and performance, running on images and sounds without any specific insistence on a single homeland.

We also find these magic in the soundtracks of Kusturica's films such as Il tempo dei gitani, composed by another gypsy ambassador: the musiciana Goran Bregovic.Accompanied in live shows byWedding and Funeral Orchestra, Bregović's music derives from gypsy and southern Slavic themes and is the result of the fusion of traditional polyphonic Balkan music with tango and other genres, transporting the viewer to a popular gypsy party.

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