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The meaning

The word gipsy always carries with it an aura of mystery accompanied by charm and curiosity.à.
There are many myths about its birth and diffusion, but to better delve into this world we can take the letymology of the word "gypsy" as a basis with the consequent English translation”.
Gypsies are all those people who are part of a community, generally composed of different ethnic groups and united by the language.a.
The true language of origin of the term is Latin, from the word aegyptanus, meaning Egyptian.o.
During their migrations from the Middle East to Europe, these nomads often said they were descendants of the fallen Egyptian nobility, on pilgrimage for various and sometimes imaginative reasons..
Claiming that they left their native land to purify themselves of the guilt of forging the nails with which Christ was crucified, often for this reason they obtained safe conduct signed by Popes and princes. With these documents they traveled incessantly throughout Europe, practicing traditional professions of their culture that have evolved over time..
The meaning of the term "gipsy" is just one of the many stories that lie behind this wandering people, and there are many legends and testimonies on the origin of the place of birth and their wandering around the world over the centuries ....



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