Sacred Geometry

Throughout history, humans have sought to graphically represent images and concepts in order to express and pass them on, guided by feelings of creativity and sharing with others. The natural evolution of these representations has given rise to the more specific symbology contained in Sacred Geometry. This is constructed respecting precise measurements and proportions that are the graphic expression of fundamental symbolism. The sphere, the cube, the tetrahedron, and other "perfect figures" have always been the subject of study and still today are part of the symbology that underlies many philosophies, religious beliefs, sciences, and meditative disciplines. All the Matter of our Universe interacts among themselves following certain patterns and rules, observable and inscribed in these representations that take on meanings and concepts that are more complex, important, and profound. The graphic design is read as a frequency in motion, like a continuous dance that presents in its essence an inseparable relationship made of Sound - Color - Number: this relationship translates into Music and Harmony. Sacred Geometry is the graphic visualization that allows the expression and sharing of the same Aesthetic, Metaphysical, Mathematical, and Beauty values among different cultures, traditions, ways of communicating that each of us interprets and lives in their own way.