The Snake

Snake: symbol of knowledge

With the term Snake, reptiles with scales belonging to the suborder Serpentes are commonly called. Snakes are carnivorous animals that feed, in most cases, on small animals, eggs, and insects.

Symbolism of the Snake

This reptile is an animal linked to the energies of the earth's depths. It lives among tangled roots and in underground burrows. It hides in swamps but also along springs and watercourses. The Snake, therefore, symbolizes the strong connection with life itself as it emerges from the depths of mother earth. It lives in harmony with every energetic vibration. For this reason, it is also considered the symbol of knowledge because it emerges from darkness towards the light. The fact that it sheds its skin also links it to the process of inner transformation and spiritual awakening or, for some cultures, to the cycle of life, death, and rebirth.

In Snake's energy resides the power of inner and physical healing: it annihilates every soul ailment and heals the body from the diseases that afflict it. In fact, Snake venom was and is still used to create various medicines.

Its shape recalls the phallus of man but also the uterus of woman. Tradition wants it to be also linked to creation and sexual passion. Associated with the Element of Fire, the Snake generates a great passion in the body. It gives strength to a strong desire, while from the soul's perspective, it allows one to achieve enlightened wisdom through contact with the Great Spirit. This animal represents the union between female and male sexual energy. In various cultures, this union is represented by a red and a blue Snake intertwining.

Snake Totem

Thus, the union of these two energies forms a single energy called Kundalini by Eastern cultures. It is a very powerful energy that derives from achieving, through a state of transcendence, an animic union with the divine, a profound spiritual awakening. Many of the people guided by the Snake totem are enlightened spiritual masters, ancient priestesses, and prophets precisely because this animal is venerated as the one who awakens, that is, the one who, with its strength, contributes to the awakening of our dormant divinity.