The Gipsy Fashion Wear boutique is located in the historic center of Naples in the heart of Southern Italy and is characterized by the unique mix between ancient oriental atmospheres and new trends, between ethnic spirit and street-fashion. It was born in 2010 from the desire to share our stylistic visions and support small independent brands in Italy and Asia.

What characterizes us most is the sustainable approach to fashion and the tendency towards creative personalization of every woman's style.

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Gypsy of the soul

Being a "gypsy" of the soul means not being found where others establish themselves; being "elsewhere" with respect to fashions, ideologies, factionalism, conformism, envy.

Being a "gypsy" means not belonging to any place or custom, accepting one's own and others' mutability, living every belief intensely but knowing how to abandon it when it no longer resembles us.

The "gypsies" of the soul pass through ideas as they pass through towns and cities.

The "gypsies" of the soul have infinite departures.

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