Gipsy Live: la Scalzabanda

Gipsy Live: the Scalzabanda

Gipsy Fashion Wear hosts La ScalzaBanda, the brass band of the boys and girls of Montesanto, in its characteristic setting in the historic center of Naples.
The ScalzaBanda association operates in the center of Naples but in recent years it has also attracted and involved numerous girls and boys from the peripheral neighborhoods of the city (Scampia, Miano, Secondigliano, Melito, Villaricca) who regularly take part in the project's activities. The main objective of the ScalzaBanda project is precisely to create a path of social inclusion through collective musical practice.
During its activity ScalzaBanda has established a collaboration with the writer Stefano Benni, with Vinicio Capossela, with a series of French brass bands (Les Vilains Chicots, Les Météors, Les Lapins Superstars, Kikafessa, Les Nymphoniks) and Neapolitan artists (Daniele Sepe, Gnut, Foja, Ars Nova, Simona Boo).
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