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S24SK102 - Begonia Spring Baba Design miniskirt

S24SK102 - Begonia Spring Baba Design miniskirt

The Begonia Spring mini skirt by Baba Design is a wrap skirt that features an oversized sash as a detail on the side. Thanks to its simple and slightly flared line you can combine it with all your outfits. Perfect for any occasion.

Buy it combined as in the photo.

The begonia grows spontaneously in warmer areas, but easily adapts to living in domestic environments too. Thanks to the bright colors of the flower it gives joy and brightness to the house making it more welcoming. In Brazil it is considered a flower bringing prosperity and wealth. It represents an auspicious sign and serves to protect the house and the entire family that lives there.
The begonia has recently been considered a purifying flower. . In fact, following some research and studies, a particular gift of his emerged: the ability to purify the air.

Available in turquoise, teal, red, orange, green and purple.

One Size .

Fabric composition: 100% ryon cotton.

Designed and produced by Baba Design.

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  • Cotone 100%
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