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W23T21 - Londra Baba Design turtleneck sweater

W23T21 - Londra Baba Design turtleneck sweater

Get a breath of fresh air and style with this patterned top. The high neck and soft viscose are perfect for a day out, whether you're walking the streets of London or just a stroll around your neighborhood! You will always be fashionable!

Buy it in combination with coordinated miniskirt as in the photo.

London, the capital of England, is one of the most influential capitals in the world. Here are some curiosities:
  • London had an obsession with gin: the city in fact went through a period called Gin Craze between 1720 and 1751 during which the average per capita consumption of gin (gin not beer!) reached 2 pints per week apparently children were also included in the calculation, not because they drank gin but to lower the average consumption which would otherwise have been well over 2 pints..
  • You drive on the left except on one road: everyone knows that in London, as in the rest of the country, you drive on the left, but there is an exception, the only right-hand drive road in the United Kingdom is Savoy Street, a small road that leads from The Strand to the Savoy, the famous 5-star hotel. The reason dates back to the time of carriages, as at that time staying on the right was much more convenient for ladies to get off to enter the hotel.
  • A curiosity about London, there were some rather embarrassing street names that gave a pretty clear idea of ​​what was done in that street. An example You can still find Cock Lane in Farringdon: it was once the only street in London authorized for prostitution and where quite a few brothels were
  • London is actually considered a forest: It seems hard to believe, but London has so many trees (over 8,000,000) that it falls under the UN definition of a forest. In fact, London with its 3000 parks offers an important dose of nature, thus making the city one of the greenest urban centers on the planet.

Fabric composition: 95% VISCOSE 5% ELASTANE

Available in sizes S/M or M/L and in the colors teal blue or fuchsia.

Designed and produced by Baba Design.

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