tecnica block print

The block printing technique

The creation of ancient and traditional designs with this technique takes place through a process that originated about 2000 years ago in India and which requires commitment, precision and calm.

The process is long, but also extremely fascinating: the fabrics are immersed for 48 hours in water, in order to remove the starch contained in the fibers. Usually the fabrics are washed in rivers and then beaten on the stones, to make them soft and ready to dry in the sun.

The indispensable tool is the matrix, that is the block of wood carved with precision and refinement, which will be the main tool of the press. The peculiarity of these blocks is that each color must have a separate one, and the details are usually always left at the end of the engraving. If even a small carving mistake is made, the block often has to be thrown away, so the concentration of the craftsmen is truly maximum.

During the printing phase, the fabrics are spread out on long tables, the blocks dipped in color and hand-embossed on the fabrics, making them coincide and repeat almost perfectly, without ever making a mistake. An error, in fact, can be fatal for the final product! If the print requires two colors, the first is usually done, left to dry, and then the second block is applied.

Printing completed the fabrics are dried and then cut and sewn according to the needs. Each fabric is unique, small defects make these products of great value and enrich them with craftsmanship, therefore with particularity.

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