• connected to the 1st Chakra (the Root)
  • its Element is Fire, so it acts in the sphere of energy and masculine strength (courage, willpower, purification, conquest)
  • used against depressive states. According to a medieval legend, garnet had the power to bring light into darkness.
  • even though in its raw state it is "insignificant" aesthetically, once worked it becomes a wonderful stone: therefore it is considered a powerful symbol of transformation
  • has great regenerative energy: harmonizes fluids and blood, stimulates metabolism, and strengthens our immune system
  • when applied locally to a bleeding wound, it helps it heal.
  • gives greater self-confidence, increases self-esteem, brings joy of living, makes one perseverant.
  • frees the person from fixed patterns and inhibitions; for this reason, it is sometimes used as an aphrodisiac or to help the free expression of sexuality.
  • associated with the zodiac signs of Capricorn and Aquarius