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Django Reinhard, the hero of the gypsies

Music has always been a foundation of gypsy culture.

A millenary tradition that over time has maintained its influences, updating year after year to different styles:jazz gipsy manouche, flamenco, ethnic Balkan and even rock punk.

The greatest monouche gypsy jazz artist is definitely Django Reinhard. Despite a serious left hand accident when the family caravan was devoured by a fire, Django developed a revolutionary and quite unique guitar technique.

He was the first gypsy to know the glory reserved for the most popular musicians:his very original style, acclaimed as brilliant and innovative, actually developed into a life of immersion among the greatest of popular tradition and was contaminated by his vast culture in music classical.

Sergio Corbucci called Django the main character of his eponymous film, just as a tribute to the musician, of whom he was a big fan.

In the wake of the hero of the gypsies, numerous groups were created, including all the Gipsy Kings. The members of the group are of Andalusian origin but their two families of gypsy origin left the country during the Spanish civil war to move to Provence.

Their style of music is a fusion of flamenco rumba, traditional flamenco and pop music, achieving enormous success in the eighties with the song Bamboléo , taken from their third album entitled Gipsy Kings .

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