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Kathak, the ancient gypsy dance

Dancing is one of the fundamental parts of the life of the gypsy people. Their circles have always leapt to the eye, skirts that twirl accompanied by hand claps to make life always a party atmosphere.

As for music, based on the tradition of narrating one's own story, so the steps, the movements, the rhythms evoke the journey with its adventures and misadventures, mark the places and the influences:a story of feet, often naked, who write on the dust of the world and immediately erase.

A long wandering, which lasted almost a thousand years overall, which can be reconstructed through gypsy dances, starting from India with ancient Kathak and Spain where it flourishes in Flamenco, passing through Persia, Turkey where it becomes belly dance and Balkans.

Kathak derives from the Sanskrit word Katha which means history and dance has its origins from the storytellers of North India, known as storytellers, precisely Kathakars.

The dances developed from Kathak maintain an original characteristic:singing is often combined with musical accompaniment, with the function of telling a story:sometimes epic, dramatic or religious .

There are many similarities between the Kathak, the gypsy dance and the Flamenco that he developed among the gypsies of Spain, with the rhythmic foundation brought mainly by the clapping of the hands and the percussion of the feet.

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