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The Gypsies of Rajasthan

When we hear the word "gipsy", Rajasthan and its jewels immediately come to mind.

In fact, the origin of the gypsy people is in that land between Pakistan and north-western India, where the river Sind flows, land of the Aryans,, great iron workers and metal welders. Justthanks to them, iron arrived in Europe, passing from polished stone to bronze cut.

The signs of this wisdom are still found today in Pushkar, the Indian sacred city where the craft market of brass jewelry is flourishing, and in Jaipur, the famous city of precious stones. 

Exploring the Rajasthan desert it is still possible to come across the gypsy communities, their customs and traditions, get carried away in their dances or share their culture.

Retracing the ancient gypsy tradition, Gipsy Fashion Wear has based its jewelry line on the ancient brass working in Pushkar. Combining ancient Rajasthani knowledge with new artistic fantasies, each year it produces its own collection of earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and rings embellished with semi-precious Jaipur stones.r. 


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