OM symbol

The Meaning of Om

Om Aum is a term derived from Sanskrit and means solemn affirmation. It is both a sacred syllable pronounced at the beginning and end of the reading of the Vedas, and a sacred mantra, a tool of Hindu religious and meditative practice. Om is the most sacred of all sounds and according to Indian religion, God first created sound, then its frequencies generated the Universe.

The Symbolism and Interpretation of Om

The syllable Om is composed of three sounds: a, u, m which encompass the past, present, and future. It represents the omnipresent force that transcends space, time, and form. It is depicted with a symbol, the trimurti, which defines the three components of the divine aspect, the state of consciousness, and our essence. It also symbolizes the three worlds and the three Indian deities.

The three aspects of the divine are creation, preservation, dissolution. The state of consciousness is marked by waking, dreaming, and deep sleep. The Kosha (our essence) consists of the gross body, subtle body, causal body. The three worlds are Earth, Atmosphere, and Heaven. The three deities are Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. Specifically, the iconographic representation of the symbol consists of multiple parts, each with a meaning. The three curves, a semicircle, and a point. The upper curve indicates deep dreamless sleep. The curve symbolizes the waking state (the widest part indicates the status in which most people find themselves), while the middle curve indicates the dream state, which goes beyond what the eyes do not see. The semicircle represents the illusory reality in which we live and which hinders us from reaching Nirvana. The point represents the ultimate state of spiritual transformation that leads us to enlightenment. This final stage conditions all the others.

Reciting the Mantra

Reciting the mantra 21 times allows access to universal wisdom, removes unnecessary and repetitive thoughts. Through practice, one can achieve a state of well-being and balance, releasing all those emotions that prevent us from flooding our being with peace and harmony.