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S24T17 - Yucca Boat Baba Design solid color sweater

S24T17 - Yucca Boat Baba Design solid color sweater

The Yucca Boat shirt by Baba Design it is simple and modern, perfect for those looking for a casual but fashionable look. The line is flared at the hips, has one round neckline on the front and a wider one on the back. The short sleeves make it comfortable to wear, while the medium length makes it versatile for any outfit. Available in various colors.

Buy it with the matching trousers as in the photo.

Yucca was defined by native Indians as the tree of Life  for its countless health properties. Yucca has been the subject of the most varied research ranging from the medical field to the microbiological, zootechnical, food, aquaculture and packaging fields.

Available in green, red, yellow ocher and orange.

One Size .

Fabric composition: 100% ryon cotton.

Designed and produced by Baba Design.

Composizione del tessuto

  • Cotone 100%

Metodo di lavaggio


One Color Basic

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