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Baba Design

W23D05 - Warsaw Baba Design solid color dress

W23D05 - Warsaw Baba Design solid color dress

Discover this solid color dress, unique in its simplicity! The flared design will enhance your curves with elegance, while the wide neck will envelop you in its softness. A unique and timeless design!

Warsaw, the capital of Poland, enchants with its retro charm and the many legends that concern it. The best known is the one on the mermaid Sawa, whose statue is located in the center of the Market Square.
It is said that the mermaid, swimming in the Baltic Sea, arrived in the waters of the Vistula, the Warsaw river. She came out of the water to rest, but the fishermen noticed her weaving the nets, causing the fish to escape. They wanted to chase her away, but hearing her song they were amazed. A merchant discovered that this mermaid existed and thought he could make money by taking her prisoner. He locked her in an attic, keeping her out of the water.
The mermaid was freed by a young man named Wars, son of a fisherman, who heard her cry; she, armed with a sword, to thank him, promised to protect the city and its inhabitants. The name of the city was born from the union of the name of the fisherman Wars and the mermaid Sawa.

Fabric composition:95% ACRYLIC 5% ELASTANE

Available in sizes S/M or M/L and in teal blue or black.

Designed and produced by Baba Design.

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