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Baba Design

W23D33 - Berlin Baba Design short sleeve dress

W23D33 - Berlin Baba Design short sleeve dress

Cross-cut dress, short sleeves and psychedelic pattern print: live the present in style! bring a touch of adventure to your look with this dress that combines modernity and flair.

Berlin, the capital of germany, is an eclectic city with a thousand personalities. here are some curiosities:
  • The symbol of the city is a bear. the name of the city derives from the term bär, which means bear.”.
  • It is one of the greenest cities in europe. it is 44% covered by grass or trees and this makes it one of the greenest capitals on our continent in terms of surface area.
  • The activities of street musicians are regulated: they can only play in 42 metro stations (and not all 173) and only for sixty minutes. if, however, they decide to perform on a sidewalk, they can only stay there for a quarter of an hour.

Fabric composition: 95% ACRYLIC 5% ELASTANE

Available in sizes s/m or m/l and in shades of black or blue.

Designed and produced by baba design.

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