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W23T06 - Berlin Baba Design shirt

W23T06 - Berlin Baba Design shirt

Beautiful and comfortable, this sweater is a smart choice. Simple and trendy, it features a V-neckline with a patterned insert that matches the cuffs. Ideal to complete a fresh and modern look!

Buy it together with the coordinated pants as shown in the photo.

Berlin, the capital of Germany, is an eclectic city with many personalities. Here are some curiosities:
  • The city's symbol is a bear. The name of the city is believed to come from the word Bär, which means "bear" in German.
  • It is one of the greenest cities in Europe. 44% of the city is covered with grass or trees, making it one of the greenest capitals in terms of surface area on our continent.
  • Street musicians' activities are regulated: they can only play in 42 subway stations (out of 173) and only for sixty minutes. If they choose to perform on a sidewalk, they can stay for only fifteen minutes.

Fabric composition: 95% acrylic 5% elastane

Available in sizes S/M or M/L and in orange or yellow colors.

Designed and produced by Baba Design.

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