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Baba Design

W22D21 - Autumn Paisley Baba Design crossover dress

W22D21 - Autumn Paisley Baba Design crossover dress

Mid-length, long-sleeved dress with a wrap design.

Pattern with paisley.

The Paisley is a drawing obtained by depicting the boteh or buta, a drop-shaped vegetable motif, of origin Persian.

Such designs became very popular in the West in XVIII And nineteenth century, following imports fromBritish India, in particular reproduced on shawls of the Kashmir, and then imitated locally. After a period of hiatus, they became popular again in the 1960s for their similarity to the psychedelic patterns, typical of culture LSD.

The origins have roots in India, where paisley is known as ambi, which in Punjabi language it means "mango".

Available in sizes S / M-M / L and in the color variants with a black or light blue background.

Material: 95% viscose 5% elastane

Machine wash at 30°

Designed and produced by Baba Design, a Neapolitan company that has been a leader in the ethnic-urban clothing sector for 20 years.

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