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Baba Design

S24D207 - Blossom Orchid Baba Design long dress

S24D207 - Blossom Orchid Baba Design long dress

The Blossom Orchid long dress by Baba Design is characterized by the boat neckline that hugs the shoulders, the delightful tone-on-tone pattern with no upper part and the wide flounced skirt. Perfect for the boho-chic style.

The orchid is associated with the meaning of abundance, prosperity and fertility . Perhaps also because of its name, which derives from the Greek orchis (testicle) and ancient mythology. In fact, it is said of a young man, Orchis, the son of a satyr and a nymph. As beautiful as he was excessively passionate, he was punished for his shamelessness by the god Dionysus and transformed into this beautiful flower.e.

Available in sizes SM or ML.

Fabric composition: 100% cotton

Designed and produced by Baba Design.

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  • Cotone 100%

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