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Baba Design

S24D313 - Ficus Sunshine Baba Design long dress

S24D313 - Ficus Sunshine Baba Design long dress

The Arabesque style of the Baba Design dress is in the wide sleeves and the full neckline that ends at the waist. The straight line and flared bottom promise a comfortable and feminine fit. Available in earth colors.

The ficus is a plant native to the tropical and subtropical regions of the Eastern Hemisphere. However, its adaptability has taken it around the world, where it has become a common feature in many gardens and home interiors.
The history of the ficus is as old as civilization itself. It is believed to be one of the first trees cultivated by man, and played an important role in many ancient cultures, including those of ancient Egypt, where figs were considered a sacred food.o.

Available in orange or red, and in sizes SM or ML.

Fabric composition: 100% ryon cotton

Designed and produced by Baba Design.

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Composizione del tessuto

  • Cotone 100%

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