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Baba Design

S24SK11 - Passiflora Shell Baba Design mini skirt

S24SK11 - Passiflora Shell Baba Design mini skirt

The Passiflora Shell mini skirt by Baba Design is the perfect choice for a fashionable and trendy look. Made with a light pleat and a rigid bustier that contours the waist. Single colour earth tones.

There passionflower it is one of the plants with the most effective calming properties that exists in nature. It is precisely the passionflower flowers that are used in medicine , because they are rich in chemical constituents that have direct effects on the central nervous system. This plant is an excellent natural remedy for many problems, including menstrual cycle pain and problems related to anxiety and stress.     

Available in magenta or green, and in sizes SM or ML.

Fabric composition: 100% ryon cotton

Designed and produced by Baba Design.

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Composizione del tessuto

  • Cotone 100%

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