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S24T103 - Pachira Acquatica Baba Design solid color sweater

S24T103 - Pachira Acquatica Baba Design solid color sweater

Add a touch of elegance to your wardrobe with the solid color Pachira Acquatica sweater by Baba Design. The crossover neckline and gathered detail on the side offer a simple yet sophisticated look. With half sleeves and thin fabric, this shirt is perfect for warmer days.

Buy it combined as in the photo.

The Water Pachira is known as the Money Tree and is a tropical tree shrouded in charm and history. With its palmate evergreen leaves and its woven stem, this indoor plant represents the ideal choice for those who want a touch of the exotic in their home. . 

Available in aqua green, light blue, black, rust, purple, dark green.

One Size .

Fabric composition: 100% ryon cotton

Designed and produced by baba Design.

Composizione del tessuto

  • Cotone 100%

Metodo di lavaggio


One Color Basic

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