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Baba Design

W22T09 - Autumn Paisley Baba Design Sweater

W22T09 - Autumn Paisley Baba Design Sweater

Long-sleeved, flared shirt with round neckline.

Paisley on fabric on the top interrupted by the solid color that characterizes the rest of the top.

The paisley motif or paisley is a design textile ornamental which uses the boteh ( Persian : بته ) or buta , a teardrop-shaped motif with a curved upper end. From shutter , paisley designs became popular in the West in the 18th and 19th centuries, following the importation ofdi post-versions Mughal empire of drawing from India , especially in the form of Kashmiri shawls , and were then replicated locally. [1]

Although the shape of a pine cone or a almond is of Persian origin, and the textile designs that enclose many of them in a rich motif are originally Indian, the English name derives from the city of Paisley , in the west of Scotland , a textile center where paisley designs were produced. 

In the mid to late 1960s, paisley became identified with the style psychedelic and enjoyed great popularity, thanks in part to the Beatles . Consequently, the style was especially popular during the Summer of Love in 1967.


Available in S/M-M/L sizes and in black or baby blue color variants.

 Material: 95% viscose 5% elastane

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Designed and produced by Baba Design, a Neapolitan company that has been a leader in the ethnic-urban clothing sector for 20 years.

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