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Gipsy Fashion Wear

Wide-brimmed hat:"The Witch You Didn't Burn"

Wide-brimmed hat:"The Witch You Didn't Burn"

Add a haunted touch to your look with this purple felt wide-brimmed hat.

The size is adjustable via a black ribbon inside.

Its design is reminiscent of witches' hats and the purple color is at the center of the concept that inspired me for the decoration.

The central element is aamethyst drop-shaped in a brass frame that I placed frontally in the center of the dome.

Along the entire perimeter of the brim I sewed a black and gold ribbon to act as a border; on the left side there are brass rings applied. As a seal I applied a band of snakeskin with round studs at regular intervals. I applied wisteria trimmings to the edges of the band.

The base of the hat is embellished with a row of brass beads and black tourmaline, to which I attached different brass pendants: feathers, leaves, a lotus flower with a small amethyst, a rudra, an om.

The title "The Witch You Didn't Burn" is deliberately provocative. It evokes the power of witches who, although constantly persecuted and burned over the years by men and the dominant culture, still inhabit the world, making it magical and guarding its ancient secrets.

Material: 100% wool, made in Italy

All materials used are recycled or recovered during trips or markets. Unique piece, not replicable in all respects,

Designed and handmade by Gipsy Fashion Wear

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